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Santa Rosa Middle School is thrilled to announce that it has been selected to launch the District’s first middle school College and Career Readiness STEAM lab!  Students who take this semester long course will take another semester long course to comprise their elective for the 2019-20 school year. We can’t wait to house this incredible program that aligns perfectly with the robust Career and Technical Education offerings at Santa Rosa High School.  

Every student at SRMS chooses one elective class per year. If the student enrolls in zero period P.E., they can take two elective classes. Some of the elective classes are semester long and switch with another class mid-year. SRMS offers:

STEAM Lab provides students the opportunity to explore careers in multiple industry sectors through hands-on lab activities. Students will discover what knowledge, skills, and abilities are required, education needed, and the job outlook for a variety of careers. 12-15 day modules include: Environment & Ecology, Veterinary Medicine, Computer Graphics & Animation, Video Production, Hand Tool Skills, Home Maintenance Systems, Personal Finance, Energy & Power, Virtual Architecture, Emergency Medical Technician, Sports Medicine, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Electricity & Electronics, Intro to Computer Science, Robotics, Forensic Science, Mechanisms.

Art I and II covers all aspects of art and art history.  Art II students prepare a portfolio for Artquest.

Project Make class challenges students to design and build something given certain materials.

Band and Orchestra are classes where students learn to play music together.

Leadership Class runs a lot of school activities, as well as activities in the larger community.

Electives Dept. Chair / Art & Project Make: 

Dawn Thomas |

Computers / STEAM:

Maria Aranda |


Tim Decker |


Katie-Lauren Dunbar |

Mikaela Woodbury |